This 6 Inch Hybrid Foam and Spring Mattress is known for its luxurious design and comfort. It is an innovative mattress that has impressive features. Manufactured by Zinus, it is known for its high-level comfort and coziness. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty that adds to its credits.

Quick Overview –

Before we move to the detailed review, here is a quick overview of the Zinus 6 Inch Spring Mattress –

Type: Inch Spring Mattress
Softness: 1-inch memory foam with 5-inch Innerspring Support System
Styles: 6-inches available
Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and King
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Price Range: $84.98
Product Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 6 inches
Item Weight: 30.9-35.5 pounds

Detailed Review –

It is one of the best quality mattresses that are available in the market at an affordable price. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The comfort it provides is powered by its high-density support foam, comfort foam layer, and heavy-duty innerspring support. The lifespan of this mattress is phenomenal and it comes with a 10-year warranty. With an exceptional price and good customer feedback, it is truly a product to be watched out.

What are the best features of the mattress?

a) Some of the best features of this Zinus 6-inch mattress are:

b) It is ideal for old aged persons who feel uncomfortable getting to bed, also for injured persons who need softness and motion easiness.

c) The core is composed of 1-inch memory foam added with a 5-inch Innerspring Support System.

d) It is mechanically rigid and durable due to the presence of firm support with fiber quilted cover, foam, and heavy-duty coil springs.

e) Their patented compression technology allows mattresses to be efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your doorsteps.

f) Perfect for guests and use in trips and travels.

Final Verdict-

If you are looking for a spring mattress that offers the best features and comfort, then, this is one of the best options that you have in your hand. It is available from a price of $84.98, depending on the size you want, making it easier for you to choose the perfect option.

The 10 years manufacturer warranty will help you get free of cost service if there’s any problem with the quality and making of the mattress. Also, it is suitable stuff to posses if you have old-aged persons in your home.

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